Jack reacher

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Feb 16, 2012
Could you cut him some slack in War of the Worlds(2005) and Born on the 4th of July(1989)?

WOTW was as scary as all get-out and he was a convincing regular guy.

And July made me stop and think properly about the guys who couldn't (and didn't) dodge the draft (like one of my tutors at university). Late-flourishing shame, if you will, 10 years after I went to university:facepalm_smiley:.

When the UK got into Gulf War 1.
Now it's personal, when your baby brother's older friend is out there, in the sandbox, and you're hoping and praying his buddy comes home. . .

Anyway, way off topic (sorry!).
Cruise can act, but not Reacher.
I actually Agree with you are WOTW. I think Tom did a great job of acting like a "regular" guy. When he was throwing together sandwiches and all he's making is peanutbutter and his daughter tells him she's allergic....that scene was so well done. His panic and I think he got angry (been a long time since I watched it). I thought he did a good job of that whole movie...but especially that scene.

As for Jack Reacher...I wasn't thrilled with the book. When the first movie came out and I gave a description of the character from the book, my son went into great detail about how a person is made to look taller in films. It's a topic that he gets quite enthusiastic discussing....so that was nice.
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Carry on
Jun 19, 2016
Derry, NH
No, not for WOTW. But I can for BOT4OJ, I guess. I actually did like him in Risky Business but then he got all full of himself real quick. I know people who have worked with him and they have stories.... I know I should be able to separate the actor from the man but I just can't. My deal, I know it. I own it.
I know, I was thinking the same thing. Is it OK actor, he's not bad to look at, but the Scientology kind of ruins everything for me. I'm sure people could say the same about me though for other reasons.
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I am whatever you say I am.
Feb 26, 2008
When he was throwing together sandwiches and all he's making is peanutbutter and his daughter tells him she's allergic...
I like this scene too. When she tells him she's allergic, Cruise's character asks, "Since when?" and she rolls her eyes and says, "Since birth." I cracked up at that line.

And I don't care about his height; he's a good-looking guy. I really don't have any trouble separating actors' characters from the real-life person either. Most actors (people, really) are less than perfect, hard to get along with sometimes, make mistakes, have idiosyncrasies, etc. If I didn't watch actors due to their real-life mess-ups, I couldn't watch much tv or movies. Granted, some actors have fewer problems than others, but I choose to watch them for their acting abilities, and not their private lives.

Not directed at you, AnnaMarie; just addressing others' thoughts here.
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Feb 16, 2012
I don't have an issue with his height. I think he does though. Camera tricks make him look taller than the others in a scene. As Reacher it's fits with the book character to make him taller, but ever since discussing it with DS, I look for it and see angles are set to make him appear taller. Seems silly to me.

I forgot that line. It fit perfect.
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Dec 13, 2016
Like a lot of people, I see certain actors in a certain role, and just don't care for them in that role. I like cruise, he was very good as the hit man in Collateral. I watched a couple bonus segments showing him training for the roll, and like Keanau, he puts in the effort to learn the proper shooting techniques, and the martial arts. Size doesn't always matter.

As for King projects... Bag of Bones was a favorite read, but Pierce Brosnon just didn't fit the roll in MY mind. He was okay, and did a good job, but he wasn't the mike I had envisioned.
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