Ka Tet Cantina Dos

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Sep 6, 2013
Heart of the South
I have never heard of eating cinnamon rolls with chili. I'll have to try that. I love Cincinnati Chili and it's got cinnamon and chocolate in it - just subtly sweet.

My keyboard space bar and the "P" key are sticking. I had to look up how to spell subtly. I am so out of practice on posting. Forgive me!

During this weird time, to keep my mind off the craziness, I've been living like it's the 70s. I read a lot, we've done a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, I rarely get on the computer if I'm not at work. I've missed you all. What a gift from Marsha that we have unlimited access until June 30th!!!

Yesterday I was a total couch potato - I didn't do much of anything. Today I made it up for it. All the things are clean. The yard is done. The laundry. I even made twice baked potatoes for dinner. I wish I had something sweet - like watermelon. I also wish I had a vodka cocktail right now. Maybe I could text the Ogre (downstairs) to make one and bring it to me - I wonder if he would? I won't hold my breath.

Today the song "What I Really,Really Want" by the Spice Girls has been playing in my head. Why!!!! And also, I have never figured out what a zig a zig AH is - does anyone know? I took our oldest to see Spice World when she was just little - she's 28 now! Time flies!