Looking for IT promotional items

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Machine's Way

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
Jul 13, 2009
Could you post a picture of them. I'd love to see them. Where do you buy promo items? I've never saw them in stores in Canada.
Sure, I will get some pics soon. I got them when I was chosen to do a walking tour of NY as a promo before the movie came out. I was one of a few that was chosen and the director was there and we got signed books by him ect. Each stop they passed out a different promo item, I have them all still.


I go Boo.....
Mar 20, 2019
...want some cool stuff???...Things From Another World or TFAW.com.....has neat swag......
Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store are swamped with Pennywise goodies, numerous action figures, plushies, diecast boats, journals, lunchboxes, mugs, etc, and so on. Hot Topic even has Pennywise cereal, I think each box comes with a surprise goodie or something. Promo stuff though, like passes to the screening or promo shots of cast members, haven't really seen anything.
The Institute - Coming September 10th, 2019