References From Other SK Works In Mr. Mercedes. Possible Spoilers!

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Dana Jean

Apr 11, 2006
Nomi, when you get punked on one of those shows, for example they convinced people that their friends were being abducted by aliens, creating and enforcing a delusion, until they finally admitted otherwise, I was playing off of the gaslights you'd see in a steampunk story with the meaning of the word itself by turning it into steampunk'd ....

Spideyman, Dana Jean N_N, doowopgirl, I remember that now .... yeah .... I'll have to go and look through it again... whose macaroni art was it?

Maddie, just take it in any direction you want ....the only way to remain ahead of the cliches is to mutate what's come before....

And you're right, I do tend to shorten down and simplify things these days, rather than writing longer passages at a sitting ...
I did a macaroni portrait of the Singing Nun for Marsha and it was interactive. You pushed a button and she sang Dominique nique nique blah blah lalalalalla.... She had it in her office and I told her to make stephen push the button, and he did.
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