S.K. Autobiography

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Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
I heard he got fined for stealing a traffic cone but I didn't know he was driving around picking them up and dumping them at city hall. I think in that book it mentioned he was working as a gas station and the owner found out how he got busted for the 'cone incident' and they sacked him. People can drink alot and not really get in trouble with the law.
He tells the story in Skeleton Crew.


Deleted User
Feb 18, 2013
He did, but also it may be if he got drunk in public it was handled by the police ie downplayed. I think a lot of people in Bangor knew he liked to drink but I think he did drink a lot in his office. Also this was the 1980’s and we did not have the level of paparazzi as they do know. Perhaps if he got drunk and stuff know we whould hear more about it. The traffic cone story is awsome
I read a short conversation King gave apparently to some magazine called Booze and Writer magazine in 1978, and they asked him where he drinks and he said at home mainly, also in some tavern opposite Fenway stadium and in some bar in some tower. He said he was a quite guy when he drinks, he usually likes to drink by himself, he said he also used to drink with his former editor, Bill. I get the impression he could handle his alcohol. Danse Macabre, he says he used to drink at some place in Bangor called Benjamin's.
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