Sai King Tweets "Last Time Around"

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Jan 6, 2015
The Dark Tower is close, now. The Crimson King awaits. Soon Roland will raise the Horn of Eld. And blow."

This tweet got me excited. If Roland has the Horn anything is possible. Wow. Well played Sai King.
I literally finished my re-read of the Tower series this morning, I popped on here to read up on how many people stopped reading with the trio in the park..saw this...and yeah, mind blown!


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May 7, 2012
North Texas
Man I am really excited for what this might have in store. At first I lusted for a remake of the books that changed my life. I could not wrap my head around one single little thing changing.

But as I have had time to chew on the idea of this being a continuation of the saga, I have to say I am just flat out pumped.

Good lord is it February 2017 yet? My mother told me not to wish my life away...but then again she has never read The Dark Tower series!