Selling some of my Limited Editions

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Dec 18, 2017
I have a fairly large SK collection (I have all the US 1st edition hard covers, plus numerous short stories, magazines, etc) and am considering selling portions of my collection, starting with my signed limited and gift editions. Note that if there is a specific book you are interested in and really, really want it, private message me - I may have it.

I have photos for each of the 4 books below, drop me a note if you'd like them.


Full Dark, No Stars, signed limited, #328/750 - $550

From a Buick 8, signed limited #669/750 - $650

11/22/63, signed limited, with DVD, shrink wrapped - $400

Under The Dome, signed collectors edition, shrink wrapped. - $350

Under The Dome, gift edition (not signed), shrink wrapped.
(note shrink wrap torn at corner, a small flap, book still unopened/perfect) - $75

Free shipping.