Stephen King Book Shelf.

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Nov 27, 2013
Cuxhaven, Germany
A few moments before I tried to purchase a dark tower sketchbook from the US Amazon Site, it is not possible! I tried to put paypal as a paying method, it doesn't work! Also a minority of sellers ship to Europe/Germany!

In german Amazon there is no Sketchbook to get!
In an Comiconlineshop I found three! sketchbooks to purchase If you wann look
Gefundene Angebote für : the dark tower sketchbook - Comic-Marktplatz!

Then I tried in german ebay, not any sketchbook, nothing!
Is it so complicated to get a original sketchbook???? obviously !!!!!!!!!
Now I tried in US ebay! Puuuuuhhhhh! exhausting!!!


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Aug 2, 2006
Atlanta GA
Most of us are creative in some way. Some more or less than others. The whole reason I came to this site was in hopes of showing a photo to SK. But who more able to review my work than a bunch of SK fans. I just finished a double book shelf after working on and off for 6 months. Just in time for Halloween! The book shelves were primarily for my SK novels and I had no idea in the beginning how they would turn out. After all how do you make book shelves scary? I enjoy making what I hope is art out of wood. Hopefully it's Heirloom quality. How do you like to let your creativity show?
Awesome bookboards! Welcome to the shelf!

Robert Gray

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I find that shelf inspiring. I'm tempted to try and get one made, doing part myself (that I am qualified to do) and hire part out. I think a nice, wooden and wrought iron shelf could get the right feel, particularly if I try to match the motif of Sai King's gate around his home in Bangor. At the rate he is going, I could probably fill the entire shelf with nothing but Sai King's books and items of memorabilia.
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