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Doc Creed

Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2015
United States
I rekindled my "book-mance" with King in the past five years. (or has it been longer, time waits for no one). My first book back was "Carrie" on audiobook. I think I am having more fun discovering him as an adult than when I was in my teens. I read many of his books back then, but I don't think I fully understood them.
It's nice to see you posting again. How did you like Spacek's narration?
May 15, 2018
Ooops - :facepalm_smiley: - Can you believe I own a copy of both but to be honest have not read either one yet?

Sorry Kaleidoscopic Kitten :culpability:

(sorry Neesy) - p.s. Tery - guess I've been working out so much the blood is going to my muscles and not my head :eek::tongue-new:
Neesy It's okay I just got confused for a second ;;D You should definitely give them a read, they're both great although I personally think Desperation tops The Regulators. ;-D


Well-Known Member
May 15, 2018
When I was 12, I found a paperback copy of Christine in my grandma's bookstore. Having nothing better to do, I decided to read it. I really enjoyed it and started looking into some of his other novels. I read IT next because a friend recommended it, and when I read that scene where Christine appears, I realized that his books all connect. That's the tale of how I discovered my favorite author.
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