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"there Are Other Worlds Than These." ***spoilers***

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Questions' started by L ▼ X, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. L ▼ X

    L ▼ X New Member

    / / S P O I L E R S / /

    There Are Other World's Than These. Dark Tower (1978-82) / / Dark Tower (2003) as alternate permutations of Roland's trek to the phallus at the center of the multi-verse.

    Since finishing up this series it's dawned on me that, unlike George Lucas' vanity retrofitting of Star Wars, The Dark Tower lends itself to variation; demands it even. I've basically signed up to the board to field the idea that, whether intentional or not, the Dark Tower 2003 could represent another cycle/reality of The Dark Tower quest that follows the final book. Not so much a rewrite to the '78-82 book as as a Dark Tower B (The 8th book and also the first of a second cycle).

    I think King could do wonderful things with this concept, and it'd be interesting to see how the minor changes in the revision -
    maybe even that one bullet put to Allie in mercy rather than indifferent survivalism
    - could ripple out into catastrophic changes to the first arc; ala For Want Of A Nail.

    Ideas - just like opinionated *******s on the internets (guilty) - are common enough that this one has probably already dawned on a lot of folks. But what do you all think? I'd like to hear your opinions.

    H' nyway... I'd read it. Like E.E.Cummings said:

    '...there's a hellof a good universe next door; let's go'

    (My first post - forgive me for being so wordy.)
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 8, 2013

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...I think R2D2 would be cool as a gunslinger...
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  3. nate_watkins

    nate_watkins Eternal Member

    Yeah, only it would be a laser gun. Now that would be cool!
  4. thejaff

    thejaff Active Member

    i also had considered this
  5. OKKingFan

    OKKingFan Well-Known Member

    Will it take him 30 years to write the second cycle?
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  6. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    I think it's possible, but unlikely. With few exceptions, Mr. King always seems content to let his stories lie when they are finished. (I could be wrong--Ms. Mod would have the best idea) I like that he seems to always be thinking, dreaming, planning new worlds and stories, not getting netted by the old.
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  7. jt0565

    jt0565 Well-Known Member

    He is not letting finished stories lie much now. With Dr. Sleep and I hear rumors of a Christine Sequel, I think he could already be working something up with this one. And in my opinion, it could be completely different. Now that he carries the horn of Eld, perhaps he catches up to Walter before the Way Station. Perhaps there is no drawing of the three, etc...... The possibilities as they say are endless.
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  8. L ▼ X

    L ▼ X New Member

    I hope so, man. Though recently I've enjoyed SKs crime book and the novellas he wrote for Full Dark (particularly the one riffing on Lesy's book) - I enjoy it when he goes balls to the wall with the fantastic in his work. There's a distinct lack of writers who know how to suspend disbelief with true to life characters, and then slip in all the other worldly elements - they just kind of start with a four page description of a wall in another galaxy. That stuff is as strange to me as a 2nd moon would be anymore; I just don't get 'em (I can feel my inner child sobbing but it's true). That Nic Pizzolatto did an excellent job on selling me on the story in the recent True Detective show - what a winner. That guy knows what he's doing too. Though I suppose my opinion on that is neither here nor there for a Steve King board...
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  9. taylor29

    taylor29 Well-Known Member

    I feel some resistance to the thought of taking out a possible reality and then snatching it a way like Pam waking up after a full season of Dallas to find Bobby in the shower all along. If he writes another cycle, I worry it would degrade the original story, which is maddeningly open ended. Still, the uncertainty of how a tiny choice changes things is so powerful that I'm not sure you have to go back and write a new cycle to show us that. He did a good job of suggesting it in the original. However, it might end up being the coolest of the bunch. King's revisiting a lot of old stories lately, some of which are a mystery to me (a sequel to Christine? Why?). I would desperately hope that DT is something that's revisited in some way soon.
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  10. L ▼ X

    L ▼ X New Member

    I like the idea of a Dark Tower B. It sounds like something that Borges came up with... a book that fractalized in it's chapters as it progressed - "April March" in "An Examination Of the Works Of Herbert Quain ("Examen de la obra de Herbert Quain")". Though with DT B. it could be done on a more doable level, like I said, like For "Want Of A Nail" By Robert Sobel.
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