This has bothered me for 40 years *spoilers*

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Jinx to ennien

New Member
Jul 17, 2019
I think the priest was the key to Barlow's entry and that he would bring darkness with him despite his good intentions. Barlow represents much more than a vampire to the priest as his ultimate master is Satan. This is what Fr. Callahan is really wrestling with, good vs. evil.

Although I like the explanation you gave I have one problem with it: It's true Matthew Burke had a guest who invited Danny Glick in but Mike Ryerson wasn't a vampire at the time. Consider Susan Norton: after she becomes a vampire she visits her mother but still has to be invited in, pages 353-354. I don't think vampires have the power to invite other vampires just based on this. Susan Norton can't even invite herself into a house she once lived in!

I'll bet King just screwed up. His time frame is off for the whole story even though it's one of my favorites and I read it every Fall.
Maybe Susan had to have permission because she was moving out and didn’t feel like that was her home anymore.


Nov 16, 2017
I always assumed it had something to do with Mark killing Straker. Some unwritten law or rule. The note Barlow leaves explains his intention to avenge that death. My guess was that the murder of his servant allowed Barlow a free pass to go after Straker's killer to even the score, no matter what sort of residence Mark ended up in.
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