Two truths about yourself, one lie about yourself

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Aug 7, 2018
1. I've been or soon will be on a nationally broadcast radio program
2. I've been or soon will be on a nationally televised TV program
3. I've been or soon will be on a nationally released movie

Dana Jean

Apr 11, 2006
Pulling forward ff's rules of play just to remind everyone:

"List three things about yourself--it can be anything you experienced, anything you like/dislike, whatever you want as long as it's about yourself. Two of your statements should be true, one should be a lie. People have to guess which one is the lie, then list three statements about themselves. You can either reveal the answer later or not, if you want to remain mysterious (or just keep 'em guessing!)"

1. I've been in all 50 states except Alaska and Maine.
2. I play the Mandolin.
3. I placed 5th in a high school talent show.


The Fool on the Hill
Apr 12, 2014
1. I've been bellydancing on a stage in front of a paying crowd
2. I have worked in 4 different countries
3. I have given flowers to the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden on her birthday

Spidey! my guess is number 1 is false
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