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What happened to Beverly? Spoilers

Discussion in 'IT' started by sophiecentaur, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. not_nadine

    not_nadine Comfortably Roont

    For a number of years, at least.
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  2. Aloysius Nell

    Aloysius Nell Well-Known Member

    It was explained in detail, by Bill, what the forgetting was like. He told Audra early in the book. It became a series of facts that he repeated without really thinking about them: "I had a brother who died"; "I'm from a small town called Derry, Maine"; and so forth. I used to think the forgetting was a function of IT, as well as their childlessness and wealth. Now I don't believe so. I think the forgetting came from the Turtle (no, he wasn't dead) because IT was truly dead in '85 and the forgetting started anyway.
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  3. recitador

    recitador Speed Reader

    supposedly the turtle was dead too, so maybe it was the force that was suspected to be even beyond the turtle
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  4. Reactor

    Reactor Well-Known Member

    Well...my guess is, Al Marsh was not actually It, but rather mind-controlled by It to do its dirty work. And this time, It was really thinking strategically - instead of eerie and scarry monsters, It decided on a more sophiscated, tactical approach, knowing that Beverly will not harm her own father. And since Beverly was the sharpshooter of the Losers, taking her out one way or another would actually serve a strategic purpose rather than just satisfy Its own bloodlust and intimidating the other Losers. I believe the showdown in 29 Neibolt Street was the turning point of the war - after getting some silver right in the eye, It finally learnt that it is actually in great danger, and instead of scaring the living sht out of them, it should try something sly and cunning instead..."brains, not brawn". So It left all monster-costumes at home, and utilized its mind-controlling ability. Seeing how Al Marsh was only a caretaker, a short temper, and almost a complete no-brainer IMHO, It never had a hard time with such weak-minded person.

    Now that I got out of the way, I believe It either ceased its mind-controlling on Al, and focused on Victor and Belchy instead, and Al Marsh would probably act like Claude Heroux after the Silver Dollar massacre - puzzled and dozy, like awakening from a coma. He probably didn't even remember a thing. And if that was not the case, the Losers' victory forced It to retreat, and all Its' influences faded away, leaving Al Marsh somewhere in the city in the said condition. I believe when It's mind-control ceased, he'd not lay a finger on Bev after she came home.
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