When was the last time you read Under the Dome?

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Speed Reader
Sep 3, 2016
I cant remember when exactly but family members got me the big hardcover of Under the Dome for Christmas back in either 2009 or 2010.

I read it once back then and havent re-read it ever since.

Now I have the urge to re-read the book but I gotta be in the right mood to read the big book.
first and only time so far was when it came out in paperback. not those faux paperbacks that they still charge 15 bucks for, real paperback, which as i recall, took longer than usual for this particular book. don't recall the actual date though. those faux paperbacks get on my nerves though. if i'm not gonna buy a hardcover because of space and pricing issues, why the hell am i gonna buy a half assed giant paperback?
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