Which Stephen King Book Are You? (Quiz Link)

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Oct 31, 2012
I'm none of them. I'm more like Odd Thomas, and I don't find it "a blessing" to be that way either.
I had an out-of-body experience after I was shot and lost so much blood that I went into decompensated shock (my body no longer making up for fluid loss like it does in compensated shock) that my heart stopped or fibrillated, I was on the life flight where they have medication to try to restart it and I pulled out of my body, watched what they were doing when I knew nothing about what they were doing. I was an EMT-D then, not a flight nurse or Critical Care Paramedic. Anyway, since that day I've had so many strange occurrences but I never say much about them because none of the doctors who work with me will accept even a remote possibility of something beyond this world. We're talking people who are so ungodly literal that it's literally annoying to a person who clinically died and was brought back "strange" or at least different.
In fact until they started doing all these television shows about paranormal experiences and ghosts, I never said anything about my near-death incident. Technically I was clinically dead for 10 minutes and was brought back.
In which case, it's like Pet Sematery. Since then I've seriously wondered if we should be bringing back everyone just because they aren't gravely brain-damaged. But I do nothing about it. I simply wonder, that's all.