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Man In The Black Suit, The

the book is mainly about randall flagg and well read the book if you can find it that is a very rare one that alot people dont even know about!!! stephen you are a tricky writer after all love all you work moslty i love your older stuff when you wrote with pencils

Submitted by: Samiam455(runescape Character Name

Pg. 39- The day he sees the man in the black suit, he describes his mother as, "wearing a housedress with little red roses all over it." Pg.43- Also, the biggest trout he ever caught, "a beauty that measured nineteen inches from tip to tail."

Submitted by: Sarah


In MISERY, Annie Wilkes and Paul Sheldon refer to people as "Do-bees" and "Don't-bees." This is used by Roland/Jack Mort in THE DRAWING OF THE THREE when Rolad takes over for Mort. Also some similarities between Annie Wilkes--a nurse--and Mort--a CPA--who like to murder innocent people.

Submitted by: Jeremy McCraw

There is a mention about the Overlook Hotel, the hotel in "The Shining". "The Shining" and Danny Torrance is mentioned in The Dark Tower series.

Submitted by: For Rest

Mist (movie), The

Dave Drayton is painting at the start of the movie. The image he paints is of Roland and the Dark Tower.

Submitted by: Malika

Mist (Screenplay), The

the painter during the first sceen is painting roland and the rose. The man does movie posters i think, perhaps a reference to a dt movie? then the tree crushing it? perhaps kings way of saying no movie... until again he felt compelled to continue with rolands story, now there definately is a movie. just shows how much he really is consumed by the dt.

Submitted by: Michaela

Mist, The

In "The Mist", you discover that the military was trying to open a window into another world. In the DT series, King describes the todash darkness as the place between worlds, a place inhabited by terible horifying creatures. Perhaps in "The Mist" the military never actually reached another world. What if they only opened a door to the space between their level of the tower and the next?

Submitted by: Matt Jaxn

In the movie (Unsure about the book), Tom Jane is painting Roland passing through the beach doorways.

Submitted by: Mike

Mr. Mercedes

On the cover of the book, there is an umbrella with a smiley face near the bottom handle. Randall Flagg (from the Dark Tower) also has a similar smiley face on his shirt.

Submitted by: Ryan Fults

The mystical number 19 is on this page in the form of Det. Hodges home address. 63 Harper Road. 6 3=9 Harper Road has 10 letters and add that to the sum of 63 and there is the number 19. Also there is the username at Under Debbie's Blue Umbrella: "kermitfrog19" on P.27

Submitted by: Matthew McConkey

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