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Regulators, The

How about Sheemie Ruiz and Seth Garin? Shared talents (both can touch minds, make others feel better, and create pockets of reality (Sheemie's gingerbread house, Audrey Wyler's lake, and the alternate Poplar street). Your page says that his ability to move others to an imaginary place is similar to Mia's but I think it's closer to Sheemie's. He creates (and Tak creates through him). Also time doesn't flow the same on the alternate version of Poplar Street, much as time spent in the gingerbread house doesn't reflect in the real world. This ability is noted in the Dark Tower as being a unique and previously unknown ability. Also both are or seem to be autistic but neither are slow when communicating mentally.

Submitted by: Vike

Reploids, The

Edward Paladin is obviously from another level of the Tower, where he is a twinner of Johnny Carson, host of the Tonight Show. Also, the currency he has is different, just as described by Pere Callahan in Wolves of the Calla.

Submitted by: Randy H.


Number 19: The Race car, Terry Morton and his father built, prominently has the '19' given to it. Furthermore, Astrid Soderbergs telephone number, she gives Charles Jacobs, is (207) 555 - 6454 - 6454 adds up to 19 Jamie's first band was called 'The Gunslingers' before Norm Irving renamed it to 'Chrome Roses'. Roses and Gunslingers are a main theme in The Dark Tower series. A general theme: The world, Charles Jacobs tries to look into looks like a world one would visit when ending up in todash darkness. The last one is a stretch, but bare with me (or remove it from the contribution, if you like :) ): One of Jamie Morton's teachers is 'Mrs. Moran' which we already know of 'IT'. Even though, Derry is not mentioned at all, she connects Revival to the Derry-stories and especially the story about clowns.

Submitted by: Tiberius


The priest, Phil Drake, has startling similarities to Father Callahan. the biggest include his burnt right hand. Others include the fact that he was once a priest and he knows about the effects of drugs and alcohol. "A tall fellow of about sixty, with blue eyes and a nose that had been repeatedly punched in losing bouts with the bottle."

Submitted by: Calvin Sehrt

Roadwork As Richard Bachman

The man who was once a priest but is no longer one. In the first meeting I thought might be Callahan under a different name. He make a point of not wanting to be called "Father." The second time Bart meets him I am sure after this paragraph "Drake (the former priest) unfastened the rubber band, holding the bills with his left, manipulating with that oddly scarred right." Callahan has a scarred hand, he has left the church, and he refuses to be called father. The same a Drake in Roadwork. Stephen didn't even know or remember that he he was bringing a character from 'Salems Lot into this book. It's not highlighted as a connected book but it is. The Street Priest Drake is Don Callahan.

Submitted by: Dan

Rose Madder

dearborn avenue, Roland used the name wll dearborn in wizard and glass

Submitted by: Alex Mason

"I have seen bodies and fire and heads on by hundreds poked onto poles along the streets of the City of Lud, I have seen wise leaders assissinated and fools put up in their places, and still I live." The city of Lud is where Roland and his ka-tet board Blain the Pain.

Submitted by: Rob

It seems to me, that even though there some, admittedly glaring, discrepencies, that mia (wolves of the calla, song of susannah) are one and the same charachter. While they have different colored hair, and their babies are different sexes, if you compare the 2 charachters, there are jusy too many similarities for this to be coincidental. Please, look for yourself, and let me know if you agree.

Submitted by: Sarah

Rose Red (miniseries)

ok granted not a stephen king book, but it is a mini series that was penned by him. The points that i can make out with the dark tower are as follows, group of pychics go into a haunted house = Manni and the whispering cave although pyschics are not magicians to people in rolands time it would have been classed as a magic of the great old ones, the manni are mentioned as being able to open doors to where they do not know, so i drew the conclusion that where the pychics open the door to the afterlife it could be the same kind of way that the manni keep and hold the door open for rolands ka-tet

Submitted by: Daniel Willett

Running Man, The

In "The Waste Lands", Co-Op City is mentioned.  Co-Op City is the city where "The Running Man" is set.

Submitted by: Heavy Metal Robb

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