Anthologies - Z to A:
Title Original Publisher Date
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Vintage 2011
Year's Best Horror Stories - Series IX DAW 1981
Year's Best Fantasy & Horror St. Martin's Press 1995
Woman - An Anthology At Bay Press October, 2014
The Weird Corvus 2011
The Very Best of Best New Horror Earthling Publications 2010
Turn Down the Lights Cemetery Dance Publications December, 2013
Transgressions Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. 2005
Thrilling, Chilling Tales of Alien Encounters Chronicle Books 2005
Terrors Playboy Press 1982
Tales of Unknown Horror New American Library (NAL) 1978
Tales of the Dead Bonanza Books 1980
Strange Maine Tapley Publishing 1986
Shock Rock Pocket Books 1991
Shivers VII Cemetery Dance Publications 2013
Shivers VI Cemetery Dance Publications 2010
Shadows 4 Doubleday 0
Shadows Doubleday 1981
Qualia Nous Written Backwards 2014
Prime Evil New American Library (NAL) June, 1988
PostScripts PS Publishing February, 2009
Nightmares Playboy Press 1979
Night Visions 5 Dark Harvest 1988
New Terrors Omnibus Pan Paperbacks July, 1985
New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Arkham House 1980
New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Carrol & Graff 1986
More Tales of Unknown Horror New English Library (NEL) 1979
Modern Masters of Horror Coward McCann & Geoghegan July, 1981
Midnight Graffiti Warner Books October, 1992
McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales McSweeney's February, 2003
Masques II Maclay & Assoc. June, 1987
The Mammoth Book of Body Horror Constable & Robinson March, 2012
Magicats Ace Fantasy 1984
Light Speed: Year One Prime Books 2011
Legends Tor 1998
Killer Crimes Cemetery Dance Publications 2017
Isaac Asimov's Magical World of Fantasy #4 Signet 1985
In the Shadow of the Master Harper 2009
In Sunlight or in Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper Pegasus December, 2016
I Shudder At Your Touch Penguin 1991
Horrors Berkley Books August, 1981
Hearts in Suspension University of Maine Press November, 2016
He is Legend Gauntlet Press March, 2009
Hard Listening Coliloquy June, 2013
The Garden of Reading Overlook Duckworth 2005
From the Borderlands Warner Books 2003
Flight or Fright Cemetery Dance Publications September, 2018
Fear Itself Plume June, 1984
Fantasy Annual IV Pocket Books 1981
Fantasy Annual III Pocket Books April, 1981
The Evil Image: Two Centuries of Gothic Short Fiction and Poetry New American Library (NAL) September, 1983
The Do-It-Yourself Bestseller: A Workbook Doubleday 1982
The Devil's Wine Cemetery Dance Publications April, 2004
Demons Ace Fantasy 1987
Death Playboy Press 1982
Darkness Tachyon Publications 2010
Dark Thoughts on Writing Underwood Books 1997
Dark Screams: Volume One Hydra December, 2014
Dark Love Penguin August, 1996
Dark Forces Viking Press 1980
Dark Descent Tor October, 1987
Cults: An Anthology of Secret Societies, Sects and the Supernatural Beaufort Books November, 1983
Contemporary Maine Fiction Down East Books 2005
The Complete Masters of Darkness Underwood-Miller 1990
The Color of Evil (Dark Descent) Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. 1991
The Chronicles of Harris Burdick Houghton Mifflin October, 2012
Chiral Mad Written Backwards 2016
The Century's Best Horror Fiction Volume Two Cemetery Dance Publications 2011
Borderlands 5 Borderlands Press 2003
The Book of the Dead Mark V. Ziesing Books 1989
The Book of Lists #3 William Morrow & Company January, 1983
The Blackboard Jungle Arbor House 1984
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Night Shade Books 2009
Best Detective Stories of the Year Dutton 1979
Best American Sports Writing, 1991 Houghton Mifflin 1991
Arbor House Treasury of Horror & the Supernatural Arbor House 1981
Arbor House Necropolis Arbor House October, 1981
Arbor House Celebrity Book of Horror Stories Arbor House 1982
Antaeus No. 75/76 The Final Issue Antaeus October, 1994
An International Treasury of Mystery and Suspense Doubleday October, 1983
A Fantasy Reader: The Seventh World Fantasy Convention Book October, 1981
A Book of Horrors Jo Fletcher Books September, 2011
The 21st Pan Book of Horror Stories Pan Paperbacks 1980


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