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  1. Aleks Canard

    The Price of Royalty: A Machina Novel

    G'day from Australia, fellow constant readers. If you've read all Stephen King has to offer, or you've read a lot and you're looking to take a break between his novels, I might have something that'll interest you. It's my debut novel, The Price of Royalty. It's a science-fantasy adventure...
  2. Tery

    Finally Published My First Book

    After working on it for almost 3 years, I have finally published my first book. Some background: I used to write a weekly (then monthly, then sporadic as my life changed) "diary" over on the Daily Kos website. Yes, that's a liberal political site but the articles (known as "diaries") cover...
  3. Jason R. Davis

    Indie Author an long time fan of SK

    Hello Everyone, I hate self promotion, and never sure if this is the right place to post this. However, Stephen King has provided me with many hours of enjoyment and I'd like to return the favor. (I know there is very little chance he will read any of this, but if he does, and finds some...
  4. C

    Looking for book title, HELP!

    I read a book as a teen that I could have swore was by SK but now I'm not so sure. I want to read it again but can't figure out the title or author. Here is what I know: It was about a mountain town where nature is fighting back against the town. It starts quietly but as more odd things happen...
  5. melmo672

    M.J. Moore Fiction.

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for welcoming me so warmly to the forum! Sorry I've been so slow to post but we've only just passed cold/flu season in this part of the world and, as usual, it hit me hard. Anyway, just thought I'd get in a shameless plug for my own writing. I'm largely a horror writer...
  6. meandmysarcasm

    Dissertation Writing

    Hey there :D I'm a student in England who is planning to write my dissertation for my American Studies degree on the use of gothic and the role of writers in Stephen King's works. Ii plan on focussing on the novels/short stories that are centered on writers, such as 'Salem's Lot, Misery, The...