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  1. melindaville

    Would like to reintroduce myself (been gone a long time)

    Hi Everyone, Please believe me when I say that I am not trying to make a dramatic post here but I'd just like to reintroduce myself to everyone. I don't think most people would remember me but I posted here quite a while back and with some frequency. I've had a rough five-year patch. I...
  2. Tery

    Chronic Pain and Social Media

    I know that several of us suffer with chronic pain. A friend on Facebook posted a link to this article. I identified with it very strongly and thought others might find it interesting: Why People Who Are Chronically Sick May Post on Facebook | The Mighty As for me, I am housebound. If someone...
  3. C

    Suicide- warning *spoilers*

    As someone who has battled severe anxiety and depression and has had suicidal thoughts, I was deeply insulted by one part at the end of the book. In it Hodges says "suicide is a fact of life" then looks over at two old men in the hospital. Hodges then has a thought. "It's about how some people...
  4. Echo Looper

    No More Silence - My Battle with Depression

    (I recently lost a friend to suicide and so I decided to post an essay on my own battle with Depression on my Facebook page, it seems to have had a big impact with those that have read it on FB, and hopefully it can help anyone else here suffering with mental illness) Original post here: Todd...