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  1. Azulita_lml

    French podcasts about Stephen King

    Hello people ! I don't know if any of you are interested in podcasts about Stephen King in french ? If you do, the only two podcasts at this time are : La Gazette du Maine : all the news about Stephen King (works, adaptations, etc) in less than 10 min (easy to understand !) twice a month ...
  2. Azulita_lml

    Greetings from France !

    Hello, i'm not very new here i read the conversations since a lot of time but i realized i never introduced myself ! So here I am ! I am Emilie, a young french girl working in communication and living in the beautiful city of Paris. I read Stephen King since i am 11 and i love him so much that i...
  3. PapaO

    And the French guy is wondering...

    ... First an extract form Finders Keepers, then my question. Oh, and hello to all of you. Extract : Holly wants to meet Pete's teacher and Bill doesn't feel like it's interesting, you see where we are in the book ? (77% says my e-reader) "You have a hunch about this", Hodges says. "Am I right...
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