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  1. Devilhidinginplainsight

    Parents 20th Anniversary Trip

    Hi! My name is Amy Bauer and I'm writing on behalf of my mother, Holly Bauer. She's a huge fan and would love to be able to meet you (Stephen King) one day, although she swears it won't ever happen. When i asked her why you were her favorite author she said, "he has a wonderful imagination. His...
  2. A

    Plagiarism question

    I am aware that there is a person plagiarising Stephen King's stories on a website and claiming them as their own. Unfortunately you cannot report that the work is plagiarized unless you are the author who's work is being claimed by someone else so I was wondering if anyone could help me with...
  3. Wayoftheredpanda

    When to start reading "The Dark Tower" series?

    I started reading King a year ago and was wondering if there are any important books to read before starting "The Dark Tower" books. I have read these books so far in following order; Christine, IT, Misery, The Shining, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, 'Salems' Lot...
  4. TKP

    Afraid but wanting to write

    This probably sounds dumb but what have I to lose on an online message board? So, ever since I was about 6 I've had an intense fear with horror/thrillers/scary movies/books/everything. But recently after watching some scenes of It, (I could hardly stand it without being freaked out but did so...
  5. PennyHanscom

    What Now???

    So far, I've read (In order): Salem's Lot Firestarter The Stand (Uncut) It Cujo Now what I have on my shelf, waiting to be read (most are Stephen King) Full Dark, No Stars The Dead Zone Misery Frankenstein The Picture Of Dorian Gray Everything's Eventual (I'm halfway through it, I'm reading it...
  6. PennyHanscom

    Book for me and a friend?

    Hi all, I've just finished IT and I'm about to go onto my next book. I've been suggested Cujo, but I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions. So far I've read: Salem's Lot Firestarter The Stand IT Also, (likely the more important one) is my friend. He is a slower reader than me, but...
  7. V

    Wedding Reading

    So, I am working on getting a script prepared for my wedding coming up in mid-June, and both my fiance and I love Stephen King. So, we wanted a reading from his work. However, I'm having a hard time finding one that I want to use. Every time I do a search for something to use I come up with the...
  8. DanteTheCreator

    I Want To Learn From King

    Dear Unconcerned Reader, I'm a struggling teen who has nothing going for him in life. Writing is my only way out of the **** hole poverty of South Georgia and Steven is my idol. I just want to hear his words of wisdom... Sincerely, William Hutcherson
  9. Stefano

    Send a Letter to Stephen

    I'm Stefano, an Italian fan, and i've just registered, so i hope i'm in the correct section! If not, i apologize. It's a lot of time i'm thinking about sending a letter to Mr King but i can't find an address. Anyone can help? Thanks so much!
  10. C

    Looking for book title, HELP!

    I read a book as a teen that I could have swore was by SK but now I'm not so sure. I want to read it again but can't figure out the title or author. Here is what I know: It was about a mountain town where nature is fighting back against the town. It starts quietly but as more odd things happen...
  11. M

    Please Help!!

    Hi, My mom is an avid reader of Stephen King. Her birthday is coming up and I would love to suprise her with something related to or from Mr.King. Does anyone know how to contact him or his publishers? My mom is the best mom and I want to show her that she's awesome! Please help if you can.
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