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  1. DevinOKC

    I'm gonna stand next to you!!

    My name is Devin and if you don’t mind, I’m gonna stand next to you so I look like I know someone here! I’m really bad when it comes to introducing myself because my words get all twisted around like a tornado. Actually, that’s a good place for me to start because I live in part of...
  2. J

    This book inspired me to marry the love of my live

    This book inspired me to marry the love of my life. Ask me how.
  3. Ana Inés

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Ana Inés and I'm from Uruguay, South America. I am really glad to join all of you. For start, I want you to see a new acquisition I made last Sunday :) Read you around :)
  4. Katherine Eileen Sanford

    The most touching of his novels

    Lisey's Story holds a special place in my heart, his dedication to Tabby in the beginning just shows how much this book means. A story of heartbreak, remember what stays behind the purple (don't we all have such a shroud in our own minds, keeping the worst of our memories hidden away for a good...
  5. K

    The Stand/ Stand by Me/ Animal Crackers

    I just finished reading The Stand. There were many parts that touched me, none so much as when the four men are walking to Las Vegas sharing animal crackers. I was reminded of the four young boys in Stand by Me, walking towards a dark thing that they cannot unsee, banded together by trust. And...
  6. V

    Wedding Reading

    So, I am working on getting a script prepared for my wedding coming up in mid-June, and both my fiance and I love Stephen King. So, we wanted a reading from his work. However, I'm having a hard time finding one that I want to use. Every time I do a search for something to use I come up with the...