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  1. Amyanderson19

    Who else agrees with me!

    Lately I’ve been watching all of the original Stephen king movies to relive my childhood.thinner has always been my favorite movie/book my mom use to read it to me when I was a kid. I wish we could vote on which movie to remake!
  2. J

    Date Night short film

    Hello all! I just recently got the opportunity to become a Stephen King dollar baby with the short story "Rest Stop". As such, I wanted to share with you guys my latest short film, if you are all down to give it a watch. I honestly want to improve, and from what I've seen on these forums, you...
  3. P

    The Stand - DvD - French version - Non European

    Hi there, The webmaster recommanded me giving a shot here ! So my dad loves SK books, but he read them in french language. His english is not good enough to read that kind of novel or to watch movie in original language. I know they made a french version of the movie The Stand because it was...
  4. MerlinFL

    How can Mr. King continue to allow his work to be ruined by Hollywood?!

    There are several quality exceptions. Three of these wonderful exceptions are all written for the screen as well as directed by Frank Darabont. Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist. But what I'm completely baffled and honestly angered by is what is supposed to be The Dark Tower...
  5. Baby Blue

    Tickets acquired!

    I just got my tickets for the 9/7 early screening at Pacific Place in Seattle. SO FREAKING EXCITED!
  6. D

    How the Movie (or an HBO series) could fix continuity issues, Better Ending

    This is a post that is comprised of some comments I made on youtube. I really liked the idea I had as how the movie (or, preferably, an HBO game of thrones style series) could reconcile and fix some of the problems with the book series. The first part was in response to a question about what...
  7. S

    A Cracked look at Stephen Kings acting career.

    So, after Cracked magazine went out of business, some entity bought the rights to the name and the website and created a laugh riot site. If you like that kind of edge to your humor at least. The Cocaine-Fueled Acting Cameos Of Stephen King I got a big kick out of this and wanted to share...
  8. Miscolo

    Dollar Baby Form

    Hi folks, Does anyone know if the Dollar Baby rights are given on merit, i.e., do I have to pitch myself in the form, or do I simply ask? I'm a filmmaker and would love to make an attempt at one of the stories. Thanks
  9. Steffen

    Who The Heck Is This Guy?

    So... if this is legit, SK's most terrifying creation is going to be played by a millennial hipster. Pennywise with skinny jeans, tweeting about who he just slaughtered in a storm drain. Sigh. All excitement I had in this project plummeted when Cary Fukunaga left. I was willing to give it a...
  10. J


    Hey all, I wanted to share this fan made IT trailer by Hollywood Redux. Enjoy In quintessential Stephen King story, IT, seven childhood misfits form an alliance against a malevolent force that’s taken up residence in the waterways of small town, Derry, Maine. IT takes many forms, but most...
  11. raggedyman79

    Matthew McConaughey as Roland Deschain?

    Matthew McConaughey as Roland Deschain in DARK TOWER?! Is this news? It seems like his name's been bandied about before, or was that for THE STAND? Anyway, what do you guys think of this?