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  1. Starlight Tucker

    Starlight-A Dreamer to a Fault

    Dreaming is like flying through another dimension. I have just published my first novel at the age of twenty, The Trouble with Dreamers. My name is Starlight Tucker and I am an independent author. Ever since I was a child, I had extremely elaborate dreams and nightmares. My mother told me that...
  2. Steffen

    Who The Heck Is This Guy?

    So... if this is legit, SK's most terrifying creation is going to be played by a millennial hipster. Pennywise with skinny jeans, tweeting about who he just slaughtered in a storm drain. Sigh. All excitement I had in this project plummeted when Cary Fukunaga left. I was willing to give it a...
  3. CateHelm

    Fictional Locations

    My name is Cate and I understand that this is probably the wrong thread to post this question, but I really would love to find the answer if possible. As our family is naval based, we are currently residing in New Hampshire on the Maine line as well. In fact, located in the same area where The...
  4. SSutton

    The Blob (1988) - The best Stephen King film not technically a Stephen King film

    The movie is the epitome of the creature feature genre, surpassing even "The Thing" (1981). It was directed by Frank Darabont, SK's most prolific cinematic voice. Even one of the characters is named Flagg. The movie has all the elements of a Stephen King yarn, especially The Stand - a man made...