the dark tower

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  1. Keith Richie

    Gunslinger - A Journey to The Dark Tower in Music: Volume 1

    Hello all, A bit of intro on myself. I am a professional software developer, but when I’m not writing software, I love to make music! I first became obsessed with electronic music in the early 80’s by being exposed to the fascinating music of John Carpenter, and later Tangerine Dream which are...
  2. Mushabon

    Just a story of how the journey continues...

    Hey everyone! I feel like this might be a tad strange posting this, but apparently this story got some favoritism among a couple groups on FB and I thought I'd share my real life Dark Tower experience with you guys. It's a bit of a doozy, so bare with me, eh? The Dark Tower series is...
  3. tessiegirl

    The Updated Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flowchart

    Some of you may remember my Stephen King Universe Flowchart- well, the Updated, Illustrated version is finally here!!! It's current up to End of Watch. It is available at my Etsy Store: Here is a little snippet:
  4. bradjewell

    Stephen King themed Horror Block (September 2016)

    Did anyone else on here get the Horror Block with the Stephen King theme? It's a subscription block done by the people who do the Nerd Block (and Arcade Block, Comic Block, and couple others), and last month all the items were Stephen King themed. They are already doing October, so it...
  5. S

    The man in black fled across the desert, and we re-read. A look back at Chapter 1 of The Gunslinger

    In anticipation of the upcoming Dark Tower movie, one of my favorite websites is doing a Reread of the entire series! They just started Chapter 1 of THE GUNSLINGER if anyone is interested: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Chapter 1 by David Cranmer
  6. B

    DARKWALKER-Black Thirteen (Music Video)

    Hey guys, it's been awhile since I have been on here but last year I posted some info on a band I produced called DARKWALKER. The bands debut album was released in the US late last year. The entire lyrical content is based on "The Dark Tower" series. I know some of you thought this was a great...