the stand

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  1. _bringonthenight_

    possible LOTR misquote?

    i’m reading the stand for the first time, & i’m about 300 pages in, & at this point rita & larry have just packed their bags & are preparing to leave the city. i’m a huge LOTR fan & i know stephen king loves tolkien too, so this part excited me but confused me all at once. i know it’s probably...
  2. H


    I was asked to write a letter to the author of my favourite book for a writing course, and "The Stand" has always stuck out since my first reading, so I thought I'd share it. Dear Mr. King, I am writing this letter to tell you with utmost sincerity how your book “The Stand” both has, and...
  3. E

    Some ideas from The Stand

    When I read The Stand a short while ago (one of the best books I've read), I picked up on a few things. I don't know if they were in the story for the reason I thought, but maybe they were. The first one is people being split up and having to recreate civilization among themselves. I just...
  4. MandyB87

    Connection: Doctor Sleep and The Stand...?

    I'm currently reading Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. In the book Dan Torrance has a friend named Billy Freeman. My question is: is Billy Freeman related/a descendant of Abigail Freeman (Mother Abigail) from The Stand? On page 411 Dan gives Billy an alibi: "You're traveling with your...
  5. CoriSCapnSkip

    PBS Great American Read Top 100 Books Vote

    Fifty Shades of Grey is on and not Fahrenheit 451...nor any Ray Bradbury titles? Totally NOT impressed! But you can vote here if you like. The TV special on the event had a nice segment on The Stand. Vote | The Great American Read | PBS
  6. P

    The Stand - DvD - French version - Non European

    Hi there, The webmaster recommanded me giving a shot here ! So my dad loves SK books, but he read them in french language. His english is not good enough to read that kind of novel or to watch movie in original language. I know they made a french version of the movie The Stand because it was...
  7. melindaville

    What about The Stand 2017

    I would love it if the great and wonderful Mr. King would do and updated version of The Stand (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with the original or the uncut--I loved both of them; the first was the book that made me a King fan for life). This is also a book I have to reread every so often...
  8. clyee0227

    Possible other books to be adapted......

    Hi everyone!! I just read that Stephen King said this in an interview with Vulture: "There's talk about doing The Stand as an extended TV series, possibly for Showtime or CBS All Access, and there's been some interest in developing Salem's Lot as a feature. Probably because people are saying...
  9. Johani Bustin

    6 day/ 5 night hiking trip - It or The Stand?

    I'm going on a hiking trip in a couple of days and I need to choose a novel to take along. I originally wanted to re-read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon but unfortunately I can't have it delivered in time. I'm now considering either taking It or The Stand. I will definitely read both but in your...
  10. robert m

    What led for the inspiration regarding "The Stand" novel?

    What led for the inspiration regarding "The Stand" novel? Well see, please excuse this rhetoric if it becomes offensive. First, if one proposes for query, then a "lawyers pun" should have one reason to believe there's an answer by virtue--but can it be just a good guess? Second, and most...
  11. K

    The Stand/ Stand by Me/ Animal Crackers

    I just finished reading The Stand. There were many parts that touched me, none so much as when the four men are walking to Las Vegas sharing animal crackers. I was reminded of the four young boys in Stand by Me, walking towards a dark thing that they cannot unsee, banded together by trust. And...
  12. Andy1963

    Hello everyone

    Hi, My first time on here and as requested here's my introduction: I'm a returning Stephen King reader, I used to read them all back in my teens and early 20's but lost the urge to read Kings novels and rediscovered them recently (in my 50's). I tend to listen rather than read as I do a lot of...
  13. DianaRose

    Looking for tips--please and thank you!

    Hey there, I am new to the message board (which is why I'm posting in the newbie forum! Hello :wink2:) and I am kind of new to the works of Stephen King. And I'd love some advice, especially if you'd love to give me some. The reason I say that I'm kind of new to the works of Stephen King is...
  14. M

    Hello, Everyone!

    I'm new to the board but a long time fan of Stephen King's work (almost all of it). I started with The Stand back in 1978, then quickly progressed to all that came before and most that came after. I'm also a fan of Stephen King the person. He seems like a good person and not full of himself...
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