Connection: Doctor Sleep and The Stand...?

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New Member
Aug 21, 2018
I'm currently reading Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. In the book Dan Torrance has a friend named Billy Freeman. My question is: is Billy Freeman related/a descendant of Abigail Freeman (Mother Abigail) from The Stand? On page 411 Dan gives Billy an alibi: "You're traveling with your granddaughter, got it?" Billy responds, "Yeah. My granddaughter. Abby Freeman." Is this just a cute little easter egg, or is there actually a connection there?


Well-Known Member
May 25, 2016
Houston, Texas
I noticed in my most recent re-reading of Dr. Sleep (this, the Stand and Rose Madder are my FAVORITE King novels) that Dick drops a NOS482 easter egg. When he's telling Danny about his "Black Grandpa", he says his BG threatened to call Charlie Manx and Manx would take young Dick to Christmasland if "Dickiebird" told anyone about BG molesting him.
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