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  1. Tery

    Flash Fiction; Caption The Video. Do You Want To Try?

    I've been obsessing on videos of abandoned places on You Tube. They just fascinate me. Especially ones where everything is left, with no sign of fire or other disaster. Just.... *poof* Weird, intriguing and sad. I really feel bad when I see amazing antiques that I just know will be left to rot...
  2. C

    Hello! Greenest Newbie on the block!

    Aspiring writer here. I am a huge fan of the Dark Tower series, and writing a Post Apocalyptic fantasy story of my own. I am not deliberately pulling from Stephen's works, but I thought it would be pretty cool if Roland or maybe Eddie wandered through my world on the way to the bathroom or...
  3. R

    finding inspiration after The Stand

    Like I'm sure a lot of us on here, I've always wanted to be a writer, and have a bunch of half-finished novels. I just finished re-reading the Stand (first read it when I was a teenager, now in my 30s). And I'm just blown away. The story itself is great, but like all of his books, there's this...
  4. Aleks Canard

    The Price of Royalty: A Machina Novel

    G'day from Australia, fellow constant readers. If you've read all Stephen King has to offer, or you've read a lot and you're looking to take a break between his novels, I might have something that'll interest you. It's my debut novel, The Price of Royalty. It's a science-fantasy adventure...
  5. Basil Fish

    Thank You Stephen King: Marriage and Family

    I don't know if Mr. Stephen King will read this or not, but I write with hopeful enthusiasm nonetheless. Mr. Stephen King, There have been a number of positive and encouraging influences in my life that I wish I had thanked. Many of them, some personally known and others only known through...
  6. Alibel

    "On writing" thank you letter

    Hi. I found this website because of the book. I'm finishing it. I'm enjoying it a lot. First of all, i'm not a native english speaker. I've learned english because I wanted to say what Tom DeLonge was singing when i was 13. Since then, i've learn very very slowly (because even if my school has...