Doctor Sleep adaptation coming from Gerald's Game director Mike Flanagan

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May 25, 2016
Houston, Texas
Here's the actress cast as Abra Stone:

‘Doctor Sleep’ Introducing Another Character With Gift of “The Shining”

For those worried about another Akiva Goldsman take on SK, at least Flanagan rewrote it. about totally different from how she's described in the book! Dan, Rose, and the Stones are all physically described in the book. The others, not so much. Not sure how I feel about Abra's casting.
Crowdaddy...perfect. would've preferred Evangeline Lilly, but that's just me.
Dan... wonderful.
Wendy...again, different than the book, but similar to the Shining movie.
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Hill lover35

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Jan 8, 2017
Alberta canada
the adaptation is coming out in like November so that is fast and we officially will have 3 king movies coming out? i wonder what adaption is next? Carrie? lol
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Jul 10, 2006
Movie being moved up from 2020 to this year November is a great sign. Maybe some potential Oscar noms? Getting Rebecca Ferguson to play Rose the Hat is inspired. She was awesome in the last two Mission Impossible movies! Over what Flanagan did with Hill House on Netflix can't wait to see what he does with Doctor Sleep. Plus it will be interesting to see how he juggles the different versions of The Shining - the movie, better known by the public versus the book.
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