Doctor Sleep adaptation coming from Gerald's Game director Mike Flanagan

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Sep 25, 2006
Adrogué, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I had an incredible oportunity thanks to Warner Bros Argentina. I was invited to the Red Carpet in LA, where I met some of the actors and actresses, watched the film with them and attended an after party where I had the chance of talking with Mike Flanagan (who I congratulated for two AWESOME Stephen King adaptations). October was, by far, the best month I had in years. I saw Stephen King and Joe Hill live in Boston and then traveled back to Los Angeles for Doctor Sleep.

Here are some pics of the events. :)



I go Boo.....
Mar 20, 2019
I haven't watched the original Shining in eons but I have to see Doctor Sleep, it looks better than Shining. I haven't read the book yet though and I would prefer to read the book first. However, since I'm someone who waits until films are on cable or blu ray, I still have time, I guess. I imagine Doctor Sleep won't be released on home media until February.


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Mar 15, 2009
I loved the movie. I thought Mike Flanagan did a stellar job straddling that line between sequel to the Kubrick film and sequel to the novel. I understand a lot of peeps poo-poo'd the idea of having any relevance to the Kubrick film, since Doctor Sleep was written as a sequel to The Shining novel, but let's be real. A lot of the movie-going audience that would be seeing this film are more familiar with the Kubrick film than they are with the book. It's a sad fact, but almost everyone I saw this with only have seen the film version of The Shining. I appreciate that Flanagan approached the film with this in mind, and did a wonderful job without muddling the essence of what he was adapting. It still felt like the spiritual sequel to the novel of The Shining. And I'm honestly amazed with some of the things they got away with for such a wide released movie, regardless of it bombing. That third act is something else. haha.
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