HBO -- Sunday

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Dana Jean

Apr 11, 2006
They made too much of a fuss over it, the scratch I mean, for it not to mean something if there is to be a second season. Also the hint was dropped about there may more Outsiders out and about...
Yep. They planted the seeds for sure. But where exactly? To me, it seemed like a ploy to get us to watch this hand while the real story is in the other.

They purposely focused on Holly with that final scene. They wanted us to come to that conclusion. And maybe they are that transparent. But I hope they are pulling the wool over our eyes to the one we don't see coming.


Well-Known Member
Aug 9, 2015
I just finished the final episode of The Outsider. Good lord, what an absolutely terrific show. I haven't even read the book yet (it's still sitting on my desk), but my friends were bugging me to watch it so I caved. The two leads who played Ralph and Holy deserve Emmy nods at next year's awards.
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