Pet Sematary Remake

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Jan 8, 2017
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so I am about 1\4 of the way done as i am at the spot where Louis is about to dig up Gage, and after reading so far into the book i am not sure about how this movie is going to go..... I am not sure if we will get the innocence of the children. Ellie looks to be like 10 and not like 5 or kindergarten age, and i am not sure if we will get the cuteness of gage
we will see

Marty Coslaw

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May 19, 2018
I think that makes sense but it's a bit bewildering why they'd "let the cat out of the bag", to use a bad pun, instead of letting audiences be surprised. No, it's not the adaptation I wanted but I will probably go see it. I don't know yet. I don't like the children with masks and I don't like the twist with Louis being a Victor Frankenstein character. In the book, Louis is almost a victim, and he doesn't fully go over the deep end until he finds the bodies of Jud and Rachel and then kills Gage. It will be a fun scary movie, I guess.
I think you articulated that well. I completely agree about it not being the adaptation I wanted, not because of the plot change, but because--and I think you hinted at this--the focus of the story seems entirely different. Louis and Judd should be so broken and haunted (in more ways than one) by the end, that the final act comes off as a great tragedy. I think the comparison to Frankenstein is appropriate from the looks of it, so I just hope I'm pleasantly surprised in the theater.


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May 24, 2012
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Signed up to a raffle, they are giving away two tickets.....lets wait and see
I hope you win! I would like to go to the premier on Friday night but that day Andy has to have a CT scan in the afternoon and in the morning he has to go see an anesthetist at the hospital.

Maybe he will be too tired to venture out to the theatre on a Friday night as I am sure it will be very crowded.


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Jun 15, 2007
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I hope you win! I would like to go to the premier on Friday night but that day Andy has to have a CT scan in the afternoon and in the morning he has to go see an anesthetist at the hospital.

Maybe he will be too tired to venture out to the theatre on a Friday night as I am sure it will be very crowded.
...good thoughts for Andy.....


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Jan 24, 2017
Three and half hour till the raffle ends.



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Apr 4, 2018
After they gave us the Reader's Digest condensed version of The Dark Tower and snatched away Beverly Marsh's glory by turning her into a damsel in distress in IT (I like to think of her as the gunslinger of the Losers Club) I have let my expectations fall. I'm just gonna go see this movie tomorrow and let it be what it is. But first I'm going to go see The Shawshank Redemption tonight. I've already seen it tons of times but never on the big screen. Maybe I'll even go see them back to back like in the old Double Feature days.

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Apr 11, 2006
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Pet Sematary

I went and saw this new one yesterday. I also watched the old one the night before.

I never liked this original movie at all. I thought the acting was wooden and passionless. I wanted them all dead in the first 20 minutes.

This new one looked good. The modern visuals were much better. I liked this family of actors much better. I liked the cat better. The long hair really emphasized the horrific death. Instead of just looking like red Karo syrup was poured on the cat like in the first movie, this cat looked matted and torn up, clotted.

I preferred the first Victor Pascow to the new one. I preferred Jud Crandall in the first one for sentimental reasons, but I felt the new Jud was more fleshed out and his reasons for showing Louis the Sematary beyond the Pet Sematary were more believable. I never quite got why a man would take someone to such a horrific place knowing full well they don't come back the same. That dead is better. His experience with his own pet, John Lithgow's Jud explained that his dog had a mean streak to begin with and he thought that was why he came back so evil. He thought that Church being a good and sweet cat, would come back good and sweet. So that made the reason he did it more convincing. A little more honorable.

The added sister scenes and information made Rachel more acceptable in her frailty. Glad they added that.

This new family, while I did like them better, did have the same sort of flat affect as the first family, and as I watched the movie, I thought, okay, this is a perfectly fine movie. I accepted it because they were staying close to the lines of the first movie.

And then the last 20 or so minutes unfolded.

Brilliant. F'ing brilliant. I LOVED that Ellie was the dead child. She was so good. They were able to use visuals with her that they could never do with a baby. The evil rot she brought to the story was so much better!

I loved the fake-out with Jud and his achilles heel. That visual was the most powerful to me from the first movie, and I was curious what they would do. And they did a great job with it. I was there with Jud, my breath catching with every step he took, and then the unexpected twist. When they gave us the moment and focused on it and then didn't do it, I physically sagged and breathed. My guard for that particular visual went down. I said to myself, they aren't going to do it. And then a couple seconds later, they got me!

So, the first movie was a C-, D for me. This second movie was moseying along at about a B- because I was loving the updated look of it and the additional story information. I was just meh-ing along -- until the last 20 minutes. Then it ratcheted up to an A+.

And the ending. I loved that ending. Sweet baby Gage! THat visual was brutal and chilling. My heart is racing just thinking about it.
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