Photos and feedback from book tour events

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Ms. Mod
Jul 10, 2006
Thought I'd create a dedicated thread in case anyone would like to post pics or stories of their experience at book tour events for END OF WATCH and have made it a sticky thread to help find it easier. Also don't forget about Gallery XIX which may be easier for uploading any photos.

Jordan was able to attend the Jersey City event and took photos which are shared on the Facebook page but are available whether you have a FB account or not--no need to sign up to view them at this link.


Meat popsicle
Dec 26, 2014
He was quite funny and told some old and new stories. I especially enjoyed the one where early in his career, he got sick in a fancy restaurant and headed to the bathroom where he was asked for an autograph from a very old bathroom attendant while sitting on the toilet (no doors on the stalls).
Like he said, and I quote: This is what being famous is like - signing autographs while taking a sh!t.
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