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Uber Member
Jul 10, 2006
Just north of Duma Key
Dear Diary, day 1409. I was going to write this yesterday but i realised that number is copyright.
HALLOWEEN STORY!!! whoooooo still going, which is good to see as always, interested to see who drops in for that.
Ive been sat here holding my breath waiting for a mention on where art though, before I done the big dramatic return from being sent west...yeh so that went well then. Even the white rat doesnt return my calls these days.
Stories you ask. Yeh,I got published YAY me...pretty stoked. I still do little bits here and there, scattering them in strangers inboxs on facebook pleading with them to read and review with the promise of never spamming them again.
Roland, my garden gnome is still up, still chasing away the crows, except the one that I've named Zoltan, big bugger that chases my cats luke and leia.
which brings me to another gripe, the return of Palpatine...really?


bad boys bad boys whacha gonna do...
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So good to see you again!!
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