Writing to Stephen King

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May 24, 2012
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David, I just joined myself and had exactly the same question. When I came to forum, in fact, the very first thing I saw was your post. Strange coincidences! Almost certainly we will meet around page 200 and together we will fight off the Nazi werewolves. I cannot friggin' wait.

Ms. Mod, if it would be okay I would love to get the same mailing information.

Actually maybe I can ask a piece of advice, too? I work in my day job as a journalist for a Catholic magazine. (I'm a Catholic priest myself.) I got back into Stephen's work about three years ago, and spent a year reading everything connected in any way to the Dark Tower, in order.

It really helped me through a very hard year in my own life. And it surprised me. I had forgotten just how often he refers to Catholic stuff, and with what depth. Callahan is for me one of the best written priests, period. He challenged the way I think about being a priest, and also encouraged me to trust in my own crazy peripatetic ways.

I've wondered whether Stephen would ever do an interview about religion and horror. I've tried his publishers a couple times, but I never get any responses to calls or emails. The magazine I work for is actually pretty prominent; we're the largest Catholic magazine in the US, in fact. But I get it, we're no Time or New Yorker.

I want to write to thank him for his work, but if there's a publicist I could contact to see if he'd ever do an interview with a priest writer guy, that would be great too.

I'm about to post this and suddenly realizing a million people probably come to this forum asking different versions of this same thing over and over. Ugh. What am I thinking.... smh Sorry about that.

If you wouldn't mind PMing that mailing address, I'd be grateful. And thanks for administrating this forum.

His wife Tabitha is Catholic and comes from a big family with a lot of girls (or so I understand) - maybe she had a bit of influence on him as well.

Welcome to SKMB!