Discordia is an online interactive experience based on the Dark Tower series. Independently produced by StephenKing.com, Discordia chronicles The Tet Corporation's interdimensional efforts to save the multiverse from destruction at the hands of Arina Yokova.
Although not written by Stephen, in many ways, Discordia is an adjunct to the Dark Tower series as a whole. With detailed 3D artwork and an elaborate storyline authorized by Stephen, Discordia is a work of interactive fiction by Brian Stark, Judy Hahn, Robin Furth and Marsha DeFilippo.

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Tet Corporation was founded by Roland Deschain in 1977. Its mission is to guard Stephen King, protect the rose and sabotage the Sombra Corporation.

Op19 is a highly trained, rookie agent working for The Tet Corporation's Investigation and Surveillance unit. Assigned to work several locations in New York City and Mid-World, Op19 sets out on an unexpected adventure that will take him to the very edge of reality.

Arina Yokova is the highly educated former mobster turned CEO of The Sombra Corporation. Hired to replace Richard Sayre in 2000, Arina formulated a masterful plan to sell weapons of mass destruction from the Fedic Dogan on the black market. Generating billions in profits, Arina took Sombra's languishing stock to new heights. Then after nearly a decade of working for the company, Arina siphoned the funds out of Sombra and funneled them into her family’s vast criminal empire.

Discordia tells the story of Op19's mission to Mid-World in pursuit of magical weapons and technology. This routine investigation soon transforms into a bitter fight for survival as Op19 learns the true nature of Arina Yokova's diabolical scheme.

Please note: Full documentation regarding the Discordia storyline is forthcoming and can be expected before the release of Chapter II in 2015.

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Discordia is a free browser-based flash app that can be played on most Mac and PC computers. With high-end 3D artwork at its core, Discordia allows its users to explore virtual worlds faithfully created using the descriptions within the Dark Tower series.

Released in 2009 and now considered to be the prequel to Discordia, the first chapter defined the multifaceted and escalating war between Tet Corporation and Sombra throughout the 2000s. Chapter one saw Op19 investigate The Dixie Pig restaurant in New York City as well as the subterranean tunnels below. The arc also detailed the circumstances of Arina Yokova's plot to defraud Sombra in a multibillion dollar stock heist before making a getaway to Mid-World.

With an expected release in 2015, the second chapter of Discordia takes place in Mid-World six years after the events of the first chapter. With massive environments, new characters, and a greatly expanded story, chapter II will set in motion an epic conflict beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Please note: Discordia contains numerous spoilers and is designed for those that have already read the Dark Tower books. Nevertheless, the uninitiated may wish to experience Discordia as the immersive artwork, sound and music may just entice you to read the entire series from start to finish.

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