Robert Browning's Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

An epic poem published in 1855 - Noted as Stephen’s inspiration for The Dark Tower series.

Castle Rock News Interview (March 1989)

An interview with Stephen regarding the Dark Tower. The article first appeared in The Castle Rock News in March 1989.

Dark Tower Characters

A partial list of characters from The Dark Tower Series.


Links to Dark Tower related web sites, publishers and artists.

Discordia: The Dark Tower Online Interactive Experience (Will Launch in a New Window)

Link to Discordia the free online interactive experience based on the The Dark Tower series.

On Being Nineteen (and a Few Other Things)

This three-part essay was written by Stephen King on January 25th, 2003 and is included in the revised edition of The Gunslinger and the subsequent editions of the books in the series.

Maerlyn's Rainbow

At the beginning of our era there were no worlds and no universes, only the seething, raw magic of the Prim. This phosphorescent soup of creation grew like a great, hungry, opalescent ameba.  It ate the nothingness, and in the silence it murmured and whispered...

GlossaryA glossary of Low and High Speech used in the series.
ConnectionsA list of connections to The Dark Tower from Stephen's other works.
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