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  1. maggiewrites

    My Jane and Dick Short Story Experience

    Dear Stephen King, Hello! I am brand new to the forum and arrived here by way of your non-fiction work On Writing. I have aspirations of composing my own contemporary fantasy novel with an ensemble cast of quirky characters. I was drawn to your writing in particular because of how well you...
  2. Starlight Tucker

    Starlight-A Dreamer to a Fault

    Dreaming is like flying through another dimension. I have just published my first novel at the age of twenty, The Trouble with Dreamers. My name is Starlight Tucker and I am an independent author. Ever since I was a child, I had extremely elaborate dreams and nightmares. My mother told me that...
  3. Aleks Canard

    The Price of Royalty: A Machina Novel

    G'day from Australia, fellow constant readers. If you've read all Stephen King has to offer, or you've read a lot and you're looking to take a break between his novels, I might have something that'll interest you. It's my debut novel, The Price of Royalty. It's a science-fantasy adventure...