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  1. Aleks Canard

    The Price of Royalty: A Machina Novel

    G'day from Australia, fellow constant readers. If you've read all Stephen King has to offer, or you've read a lot and you're looking to take a break between his novels, I might have something that'll interest you. It's my debut novel, The Price of Royalty. It's a science-fantasy adventure...
  2. N

    First One

    This is my first thread and I wish I had known about this online community of like minded people. I love SK but I also enjoy many authors that SK himself has enjoyed like H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Robert Bloch, and a bunch of other mythos/cult/supernatural fiction authors. Anyways, I would...
  3. Luke Holmes

    Tales Of Peculiarity

    Hey all, Myself and a few friends have just started a website to post our short stories on. It's going to be updated regularly. I hope you guys like it.