the shining

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  1. Wayoftheredpanda

    His scariest book

    I would definitely say this to be his scariest (out of the books I've read), Not my personal favorite(Up there,though), but definitely the one that scared me the most.
  2. C

    The Shining First printing?

    I have a copy of The shining with T.S. $8.95 with a code of S3. Can anyone tell me about the code S3? Thanks, Jim
  3. Eric Thompson

    Heads Up!

    As I am writing this on January 26th, 2018, WB has formally attached Mike Flanagan to direct a movie version of "Doctor Sleep". This announcement has finally motivated me to read the book. Without spoiling anything, what would say about "Doctor Sleep" in terms of quality of the story?
  4. Questthroughking

    My Video Shining Review

    Hello all, I am somewhat new to these forums, but I wanted to share my Shining Review with you here! It's part of a new series I am working on called "The Quest Through King" in which I am reading through all of King's works! If you are at all interested in the series or considering reading...
  5. tessiegirl

    The Updated Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flowchart

    Some of you may remember my Stephen King Universe Flowchart- well, the Updated, Illustrated version is finally here!!! It's current up to End of Watch. It is available at my Etsy Store: Here is a little snippet:
  6. Divageekv

    The Shining: the Grady's Story

    I would love for Mr. King to write a story about the time when the Grady family or any other families stayed at the Overlook hotel or a story about events that happened at the hotel. Just a thought. Love the Book and the movie.
  7. redneckguy9593

    Probably one of my fave Stephen King movies... New here. *Possible Spoilers.*

    Not too sure how these work yet, but trying to get familiar with everything and, as usual, jumping into it head first. :) So.... Hey, y'all! What's all y'all's fave King/horror movie(s)?
  8. J

    New Member with a Stanley Hotel/Shining Question

    Hi everyone: I am an author working on my second book with Llewellyn Worldwide and I am working on my chapter for The Stanley Hotel for my 2016 America's Most Haunted Hotels book. I have found several sources that discuss the Stanley Hotel / Shining inspiration, and even watched some online...
  9. meandmysarcasm

    Dissertation Writing

    Hey there :D I'm a student in England who is planning to write my dissertation for my American Studies degree on the use of gothic and the role of writers in Stephen King's works. Ii plan on focussing on the novels/short stories that are centered on writers, such as 'Salem's Lot, Misery, The...