Can We Show Off Our Crafts?

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#1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side
May 24, 2012
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Doesn't knitting cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I work in a computer and like drawing, so I worry about things like that, but I see a lot of people who knit for hours and seem happy. Perhaps I am wrong in thinking the arms are affected in the same way doing that. :dread:
Don't know - I have only knitted one thing (a scarf) and that was decades ago. But I do like to crochet!


Sunny the Great & Wonderful
Jun 12, 2008
Okay all you quilters, I need some help. When I was growing up, my favorite blanket was an old homemade quilt that my grandma had given me. It was so soft and comfortable. I always had it on my bed, and when I was sick, wrapping up in that quilt made me feel better. It finally fell apart in the wash when I was 17. I want to make a similar quilt for my bed now. It was a simple patchwork, with large squares of mismatched fabric. I think it was filled with some sort of batting, and the only top stitching I remember is that it was tied in the middle of each square with a thick thread or thin yarn. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and how to go about making it?
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