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Mary Strickland

Well-Known Member
May 18, 2009
Thank you so much! I have two dozen roses and 2 "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" balloons being delivered to her at work first thing tomorrow morning. Kind of tough to plan anything with the toddler around. We're going to go out and have a nice dinner Sunday but it will be with the boys. I can't believe it's already been a year! It's gone by so damn fast. We were talking about that last night and both of us just can't believe it's been a year already. It's been a good first year for us for the most part. Daniel is in high school and doing great as far as his grades go. Aidan is still keeping us both hopping as toddlers do but he also keeps us laughing. I'm hoping it will be the first of many more. Thank you again for the well wishes, I very much appreciate it.
Happy anniversary Ghost 19!


Not completely obtuse
Nov 14, 2013
Poconos, PA
Only in my neck of the woods. :facepalm_smiley:

State police around these here parts are being sued over the bulldozer death of older Grateful Dead fan caught growing 10 plants of marijuana on state game lands. When approached by police the guy ran off and disappeared into some thick vegetation. So the police brought in a helicopter for a minor crime that would have only resulted in probation and attendance in a program for first-time offenders. The police helicopter spotted the guy in some underbrush. So the police commandeered a bulldozer and took off in hot pursuit traveling about 1 or 2 mph. The police ended up killing him when he got caught in the machine's treads. The crazy thing is the police knew his identity, as his friend who was with him surrendered, and could simply have gotten a warrant for his arrest, later.
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