Stephen King, you are a jerk.

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New Member
Jan 31, 2016
Hahah, I felt exactly the same when I was at that point in the book :) It was years ago now and details of the story have become blurry, but I so remember the feeling of wanting to kick SK and respectfully shake his hand all the same time.
I think only the best of authors can create such a reaction!

Ben O'Dimm

Active Member
May 21, 2016
Have you finished the book just yet? What was your take on the ending? Anymore more tears fall for you?

I don't know if this will reach Mr. King, though he hardly deserves such a title.
It's been a very long time, perhaps since listening to my mom read me Old Yeller when I was eight years old, that I've cried, and hard, because of a book.
When Eddie Dean passed into the clearing at the end of the path, I was shocked into a torrent of tears that rivaled Niagra Falls. Then I thought: "well, at least the dying is over, and the rest of them can get on with saving The Tower." I should have known, though, Stephen King being the arrogant, cruel writer that he is, that the dying would go on. I figured, maybe Susannah would die, or perhaps, heaven forbid, Oi, but not Jake. Not poor, innocent, trusting, and loving Jake. Not the Jake, whom Stephen King already killed once. Not the Jake who finally called Roland dinh, who called him father. Not Jake, who absorbed the steel and fire of those around him and turned it into his own ferocious brand of steel and fire. Not Jake whose life was just begun.
But alas! King is a jerk. Thank you for ripping my heart to shreds twice in one sitting. Thank you for causing the mascara I was wearing to burn my eyeballs. Thank you for writing the best, worst story I've ever read. I hate you. And though I'm not finished reading the final installment, I realize now that probably all of them will die. Susannah will die, Oi will die (or run away), and Roland will die. The only ones who'll live, are Brian Smith, and Stephen King, and at this moment, neither seem fair.

A very upset reader


Well-Known Member
Feb 16, 2012
Guys, guys...I read this as totally tongue-in-cheek. She clearly loves reading Stephen King, right? No one could get THAT into the characters without loving it. You're going to run off a potentially great member.

Angry Crying Girl, keep posting! What other SK novels have moved you?
I read her post the same way.

Still,still,cracks me up that people are upset about the ending of the dark tower..there is no other credible,satisfying ending,when I read it,I was so is just a perfect metaphor for life..
Me too! It was the perfect, and only possible ending.


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Nov 25, 2009
Wilmington DE, strange little place.
Hhhhmmm.... its hard to tell if she's (OP) talking about our S. King in this universe
or the other , the one Roland called "Lazy and yellow"

because , clearly , the death she speaks of was the fault of King, the other King.
or BOTH Kings are at fault,
Our King made it clear ... in the beginning he envisioned all 4 (5) gunslingers
and maybe Patrick, making it to the tower together
People died because King was slow and Yellow, (he has stated this himself)
but... again...all may still be well.
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