Artist: Dave McKean

Probably best known for his groundbreaking illustrations of 76 covers for Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series of graphic novels, the English artist Dave McKean has also applied his explosive talent to book design and illustration, esoteric comic book illustration, CD cover design, advertising photography, writing — even composing jazz. His award winning comics include Arkham Asylum (with author/playwright Grant Morrison), Signal to Noise and Mr. Punch (with author Neil Gaiman). He has worked on a variety of book and film projects with such influential collaborators as John Cale, The Rolling Stones, Milcho Manchevski, Stephen King, Lars Von Trier and Iain Sinclair. As well as his other projects, he has directed and designed films including the recentJim Henson Studios produced Mirrormask (where he also illustrated and designed three different books published by Harper Collins that tied into this feature film), character design on the Harry Potter movie franchise, and illustrating the soon to be released Homecoming book written by Ray Bradbury. In association with ASFA, both Dave and Iain Ballamy oversee the running of the jazz record label Feral.

Dave McKean has contributed to the following Dark Tower Works: