Artist: Richard Isanove

At the tender age of 8, French native Richard Isanove discovered Marvel and Elvis and knew he would one day go to America. He grew up on a regimen of Buscema, Wrightson and Miller, of Springsteen, Clapton and Mellencamp, of Asimov, King and Irving. While completing a Masters in Film and Animation in Paris, he grabbed the opportunity to come to the US as an exchange student at Cal'Arts. He found a job at Image's Top Cow in Santa Monica where he learned all he could about the emerging art of digital coloring. Then, he freelanced for a while before finding a home at Marvel. He has since worked on numerous titles, colored over 500 covers and collaborated, among others, with Adam and Andy Kubert, Jae Lee and Joe Quesada. His trademark painting style can be notably seen on the graphic novels Wolverine: Origin, Neil Gaiman's 1602, Daredevil: Father, and culminates with Marvel's Dark Tower which took over his life in 2005. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter and son.

Richard Isanove has contributed to the following Dark Tower Works: