Author: Robin Furth

In 2000, Robin Furth started working as Stephen King’s research assistant and has lived in Mid-World ever since. Her Dark Tower Concordances (Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: A Concordance, Volume I; Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: A Concordance, Volume II; and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance) were originally written for Stephen King’s use, but have since been published in the US and UK, and have been translated into numerous European languages. With Peter David, she is the co-author of Marvel’s bestselling Dark Tower spinoff comics. As well as her freelance work for Roland Deschain and Stephen King, she has written comics for IDW’s Womanthology, Image Comics’ Thought Bubble, and Marvel’s Legion of Monsters and Girl Comics. She also adapted Sherrilyn’s Kenyon’s Lords of Avalon into graphic novel form.


Robin Furth has contributed to the following Dark Tower Works:
Beginnings - Treachery  (Plot Writer)