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  1. Echo Looper

    What novel should I read next!?

    Hey guys and gals! I'd love some help from all of you suggesting my next book to read. I'm going on vacation and plan on putting my feet up and reading my favorite author. I'm looking to read something awesome and exciting, preferably a novel or novella rather than a short story collection...
  2. maggiewrites

    My Jane and Dick Short Story Experience

    Dear Stephen King, Hello! I am brand new to the forum and arrived here by way of your non-fiction work On Writing. I have aspirations of composing my own contemporary fantasy novel with an ensemble cast of quirky characters. I was drawn to your writing in particular because of how well you...
  3. Aleks Canard

    The Price of Royalty: A Machina Novel

    G'day from Australia, fellow constant readers. If you've read all Stephen King has to offer, or you've read a lot and you're looking to take a break between his novels, I might have something that'll interest you. It's my debut novel, The Price of Royalty. It's a science-fantasy adventure...
  4. Brenton J Cox

    Not just an audiobook, but a full movie in your mind.

    I am very happy to announce the upcoming release of my first audiobook. Graphicaudio is not just someone reading you a book, it is an experience as told by a full cast of voice actors, cinematic sound effects and original music. please head over and take a look. Preorders are being taken now and...
  5. M

    Debut Author Inspired by Mr. King's Work

    Hi All, My name is M.J and I am new to this thread but am looking forward to connecting with those, like myself, who enjoy Mr. King's amazing work. My favorite Stephen King novel is definitely DreamCatcher; it's a novel that sparked my interest in writing at a young age. I wanted to share the...
  6. Camila Contreras Araya

    Adaptation and Change

    This novel is my favorite, but I need to know if Derry have some mention in adaptation. If somebody know something please talk with me. Sorry for my bad English, I'm Chilean girl :) Greetings to you readers:D Pd: I need to this adaptation have a mention about Pennywise. BIP BIP RICHIE:0:
  7. Anaïs Scott

    Hi! I'm new! :)

    Hi friends, my name is Anais (sorry, I can't get the umlaut to work on my computer), and I just turned 17. After years of start-and-stop writing, I'm in sight of finishing my first ever novel! I've only ever completed two works, mostly because I bite off more than I can chew. The novel currently...
  8. J

    Veterans Day And Stephen King

    I joined the Navy back in 1976, and was stationed onboard the USS Jacksonville (A fast attack submarine) from 1978-1982. Our ships library was a rag tag assortment of books people would bring aboard for our little community of 120 men to read. The 3 Stephen King books onboard were our...