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  1. B

    The Fossil Analogy

    We're studying this book in my creative writing class, and just got to the part around the bottom of page 163 where Stephen equates composition to excavating a fossil. I've racked my brain trying to find a way to describe how I write to my teachers, but this feels like the most accurate way to...
  2. Emerson Smith

    My "On Writing" exercise.

    Hi everybody, My name is Zach, I'm new here. I'm new to writing. I want to be a writer so bad, and I have no idea where to start. My favorite author has always been Stevie King so I picked up his book "On Writing" because I didn't know where else to start. Some of you may know in this book he...
  3. maggiewrites

    My Jane and Dick Short Story Experience

    Dear Stephen King, Hello! I am brand new to the forum and arrived here by way of your non-fiction work On Writing. I have aspirations of composing my own contemporary fantasy novel with an ensemble cast of quirky characters. I was drawn to your writing in particular because of how well you...
  4. D

    On Writing

    I just want to thank Stephen King for enduring the pain in finishing 'On Writing'. - Duncan Mortimer - Midlands, England
  5. Bill Ricardi

    As promised, design of an 'On Writing' workspace.

    Hey folks, I mentioned last year that I was going to post the details of a writing space that was created according to Mr. King's advice in On Writing. I have 25 minutes before writing starts for the day. So here we go: Room: 9' by 13'. It is essentially a small converted store room. Some room...
  6. Bill Ricardi

    Using the 'On Writing' method, broke 1 million Kindle page reads in 134 days.

    If anyone has doubts as to whether or not Mr. King's 'On Writing' system works, I just passed the 1 million Kindle page read mark by following it like a zealot. It took 134 days, using just the first two novels of a trilogy. If you're struggling to write, to publish, to focus, to commit: BUY...
  7. Arvind

    Thanks to King

    To Stephen King
  8. Bill Ricardi

    Designing a writing space as per 'On Writing'

    Hey folks, As I'm migrating to a new writing space over the holidays, I thought I would share some of the design philosophies that 'On Writing' teaches us, and talk about how they apply to the modern world. When picking or designing a new writing area, your main focus should be on isolation. A...
  9. Bill Ricardi

    Some output statistics produced following the King system.

    Not a lot of people share writing statistics. I'm a nerd, so of course I will. The hope is that it will be a helpful benchmark to anyone following the King system. I'll be cross-posting this on Reddit and the On Writing forums. I thought it might be helpful to show real world numbers produced...
  10. Bill Ricardi

    Some things I'd like to see in a '2.0' version of On Writing

    I was just going over some of the things in 'On Writing' that aren't necessarily covered because of the advances in online tools, social media, and publishing that have happened between the date it was written and now. It might be a case of broadening the topic a little bit. After all it's...
  11. Bill Ricardi

    On Writing changed my career.

    I heard that there might be the slimmest of chances that Mr. King might read this. Well, I want him to know that he made me a success, so here I am. For the next hour, I'm going to keep my ass planted right here and specifically detail how 'On Writing' changed my career, and by proxy, my life...
  12. K

    Stephen King said I Could...

    I am also in the middle of reading King's On Writing, so of course I took the task of completing the Dick and Jane exercise and wanted to share it with him as he asked us to do. I haven't had this much fun writing in a while! Another Stephen King you can't put down. (The book is already full of...
  13. U

    Just a thank you

    Hi from the UK I've just finished reading On Writing and wanted to say thanks. The book has given me much to think about - particularly on plot. I've been a plotter for my first two books and now wonder if I've been writing-by-numbers. I'm just beginning the second edit of my first book and...
  14. Saragirl

    On Writing exercise

    Is this where I can post my attempt at the Dick and Jane exercise from On Writing? I'm gonna try, if I do it wrong or aren't allowed, be gentle with me! :0: It was so much fun!!!! Prompt-0-mania – findingthegrayblog
  15. Basil Fish

    Thank You Stephen King: Marriage and Family

    I don't know if Mr. Stephen King will read this or not, but I write with hopeful enthusiasm nonetheless. Mr. Stephen King, There have been a number of positive and encouraging influences in my life that I wish I had thanked. Many of them, some personally known and others only known through...
  16. P

    thanks Stephen for On Writing

    Hi, I am italian, then so sorry for my poor English. But I really want to thank you for this book I bought many years ago. I read it many times, and everytime it gave me new input. Now its time for me to stop washing my car and start writing. Thanks, really thanks for this book, not your most...
  17. Alibel

    "On writing" thank you letter

    Hi. I found this website because of the book. I'm finishing it. I'm enjoying it a lot. First of all, i'm not a native english speaker. I've learned english because I wanted to say what Tom DeLonge was singing when i was 13. Since then, i've learn very very slowly (because even if my school has...
  18. R

    On Writing Exercise: I'm the Killer

    Stephen King’s On Writing Exercise 8/26/2016 My name is Rachel Taylor, and I’m writing this from my work computer. During work hours, I might add, something upon which my string of bosses would frown, since my work is not professional writing (not yet at least… you know as well as anyone...
  19. J


    I don't understand the story about Amy Tan. What is language?
  20. M

    Inspired writer - read the book

    I remember watching The Stand a few years ago and oddly enough, that was the book that inspired me to start writing seriously. Of course, every one of his books that I read after watching that movie, inspired me in different ways. It was a few years later that I came across his "On Writing" and...