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  1. Echo Looper

    What novel should I read next!?

    Hey guys and gals! I'd love some help from all of you suggesting my next book to read. I'm going on vacation and plan on putting my feet up and reading my favorite author. I'm looking to read something awesome and exciting, preferably a novel or novella rather than a short story collection...
  2. fushingfeef

    2018 SKMB October Horror Movie Marathon!

    It's that time of year! Welcome back to the 2018 SKMB October Horror Movie Marathon! Here's how it works: Watch scary/horror movies in October...whatever YOU think is horror (or scary) is fine! Talk about them here, or at least list the title At the end of the month, we tally up how many...
  3. Tery

    Discussion: The Upper Berth by F. Marion Crawford

    I first read this one when I was but an eighth-grader. My Bestie at the time read it and recommended it to me. We both loved the weird and creepy, which this story is. Crawford builds nicely to the tale within a story. Like SK, he places the bizarre into a mundane place. I can picture the small...
  4. Bill Robinson

    Truck Stop aka "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE" Series

    Welcome to “Truck Stop”. a parody film created by several talented filmmakers based on the original Stephen King film Maximum Overdrive. Maximum Overdrive was a cult classic horror film written and directed by Stephen King in 1986. We hope you enjoy our version of that chaotic world.
  5. Starlight Tucker

    Starlight-A Dreamer to a Fault

    Dreaming is like flying through another dimension. I have just published my first novel at the age of twenty, The Trouble with Dreamers. My name is Starlight Tucker and I am an independent author. Ever since I was a child, I had extremely elaborate dreams and nightmares. My mother told me that...
  6. Brenton J Cox

    Not just an audiobook, but a full movie in your mind.

    I am very happy to announce the upcoming release of my first audiobook. Graphicaudio is not just someone reading you a book, it is an experience as told by a full cast of voice actors, cinematic sound effects and original music. please head over and take a look. Preorders are being taken now and...
  7. CriticAndProud


    I love Rob Zombie movies (and his music), so this is one of two movies I am greatly looking forward to this year (the other being Suicide Squad).
  8. Steffen

    Who The Heck Is This Guy?

    So... if this is legit, SK's most terrifying creation is going to be played by a millennial hipster. Pennywise with skinny jeans, tweeting about who he just slaughtered in a storm drain. Sigh. All excitement I had in this project plummeted when Cary Fukunaga left. I was willing to give it a...
  9. Richard letourneau

    Newton Town A Series of Dark Tales

    I'm working on a series of six stories set in a town where the bad guy can win. Expect blood, guts, torture, cannibals, super plot twists and lots of murders. You can get the first and second stories on Amazon for 99p/99c The Engagement and Room 242, story 3 Deep Web will be available in 2...
  10. EightTrackMind

    Nerdstalking Podcast, Stephen King Episode

    Heya all. I just uploaded the latest episode of the Nerdstalking pop-culture podcast, and this one had three of us sitting around a table discussing the many works of Stephen King. We discuss both some of our favourite books, and some of our favourite (and not so favourite) movies based on those...
  11. Luke Holmes

    Tales Of Peculiarity

    Hey all, Myself and a few friends have just started a website to post our short stories on. It's going to be updated regularly. I hope you guys like it. Www.talesofpeculiarity.com
  12. A

    What scares you?

    Because this board is dedicated to the works of horror master Stephen King; I guess everyone on this forum must have some kind of fascination for horror or the unknown in general. You have probably read a lot of works in this genre, and there are lots of different forms of horror and the like...
  13. fushingfeef

    2015!!!SKMB October Horror Movie Marathon 2015!

    Welcome back, friends, to the 2015 SKMB October Horror Movie Marathon! Here's how it works: Watch scary/horror movies in October..whatever you think is horror is fine! Talk about them here, or at least list the title At the end of the month, we tally up how many horror movies you watched 1-12...
  14. melmo672

    Best Horror Movie Opening Scenes.

    I love a great, atmospheric opening scene; it can give you a hint as to what you're in for, or it can end up being the best thing about the film. Some of my favourites are: Sinister (not a scene that you forget too easily; I haven't been able to look at a tree the same way since). The Woman In...
  15. melmo672

    M.J. Moore Fiction.

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for welcoming me so warmly to the forum! Sorry I've been so slow to post but we've only just passed cold/flu season in this part of the world and, as usual, it hit me hard. Anyway, just thought I'd get in a shameless plug for my own writing. I'm largely a horror writer...